It’s easy to just think of your toilet as a part of the house that’ll always serve you well. But toilets can wear down over time, and eventually, they’ll need replacing.

Aren’t really sure if you need to get a new porcelain throne or not? Then read on for four signs of when to replace a toilet.

1. It Clogs a Lot

If you find that your toilet is clogging a lot, then it’s a pretty clear sign that it needs to be replaced. In normal circumstances, your toilet should hardly ever clog, but sometimes, you can end up with a toilet that clogs as often as once a week.

It’s certainly not pleasant to have to plunge your toilet so often. If this is happening to you, consider replacing it with a new unit.

2. There’s a Crack in the Porcelain

If you notice a hairline crack in the porcelain of your toilet, you shouldn’t ignore it. Sure, it might be fine for a while, but these kinds of cracks are a clear sign that a leak will soon develop.

If you do notice a crack, be on the lookout for leaking water when you flush. These small cracks have a tendency to turn into huge floods of water at the worst possible moments, so don’t procrastinate on changing your toilet.

3. There Are Scratches

Even seemingly superficial scratches can actually be quite bad news for your toilet. The more scratches your toilet has, the more difficult it’s going to be to clean.

If you find that you need to scrub your toilet more and more often to keep it clean, then it might be time to invest in a new one. If you’ve dealt with a scratched-up toilet for a long time, then you might be surprised at just how easy it is to keep a new one clean.

4. It Needs Lots of Repairs

If your toilet needs repairs, then you should absolutely weigh up the repair costs with the costs of simply buying a new unit. There’s no point in repairing an old toilet that’s all scratched up since it probably doesn’t have long left anyway.

It’s best to quit while you’re ahead and simply pay for a new unit. Before bringing in someone to repair your toilet, you should seriously ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

Know When to Replace a Toilet and Hire a Pro

Now you know when to replace a toilet. But installing one isn’t really something you can do yourself. Plumbing systems are complicated and the potential for disaster is extremely high.

The smart thing to do is to bring in a professional who can install your new toilet perfectly. A good toilet is a solid investment since it’ll hardly ever clog and won’t need cleaning as often as an older model. On top of that, it also won’t break down and need repairing as often.

Have you realized that you need a new toilet? Then get in touch with us to do the installation!