Top 7 Signs That You Need a Plumber in Sacramento ASAP

If you think that you might be experiencing some plumbing issues, don’t ignore these 7 signs that you need a plumber ASAP.

If the thought ever crosses your mind that you need a plumber, you’re probably right. Issues pertaining to running water can quickly go from irritating to explosive.

A faulty water heater is mostly an irritant. Who wants to take a cold shower? 

But, back-flow from a sink or gurgling from a toilet is a definite indicator to call in a professional. Here are a few more note-worthy scenarios.  

1. When You Have Low Water Pressure

No one should have to suffer through a shower that appears to piddle water on their head. If your water pressure has always been bad, or continually weakened, you may have a clog somewhere. 

Likely, the aerator is affected, preventing water from fully flowing out. But, a licensed professional can set it back right!

2. When You Have Back-Flow

Back-flow coming out of your kitchen sink is wrong on so many levels. First, that water is filled with bacteria and grime. Second, it doesn’t exactly smell like a flower patch. 

If you ever see water back-flowing up and out of any of your sinks, call a plumber immediately. It may be something as simple as a water pressure problem, but this is not something you want to last for too long. 

3. If Water Is Gurgling In Your Toilet

This is every bit as gross as it sounds. If the water in your toilet starts gurgling as you’re about to take a shower, step away. 

This can be a sign that the drainage system is looking for air. If it has to work too hard, there’s a chance that water could not only gurgle but spill out. And, if you thought kitchen sink water was bad…consider how much worse sewage might be. 

4. If You’ve Lost Your Hot Water

What’s worse than a cold shower? Not knowing why you have a cold shower.

Typically, a loss of hot water is due to some sort of malfunction in your water heater. Those pesky little components are quite complex, so it’s definitely a job for your plumbers in Sacramento. 

5. When Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running

It may seem like a benign issue. But, when your toilet won’t stop running, your water bill also won’t stop running. 

Often, this is related to the seal that connects the tank to the bowl. When the seal isn’t working properly, the tank thinks it needs to keep refilling. So, it’s a fairly easy job, but one that you want to place in a pro’s hands. 

6. When Your Water Isn’t Clear

You might be able to wait out a little brown water and let the faucet clear. But, if it becomes a habitual problem, you might want to call your local plumber. Consistent brown water may indicate iron leaking into your system. Likewise, blue or green water can be a sign of corroding copper pipes

7. When You Hear Water Running 

We mean, when you hear water running through your pipes and you aren’t using any. This could be a sign of a Sacramento spirit haunting your house, or it could be a sign of a leak somewhere in your system. You’ll definitely want to call a plumber to hunt the leak (or the spirit) out. 

Need a Plumber?

Do any of these signs and signals indicate you might need a plumber? If you live in the Sacramento area, your friends here at Global Plumbing can tackle any of the above issues–and more. 

Whether you need to resolve a faulty pipe or install some new equipment in your home, we’re here to help. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, including keeping you and your loved ones safe, sanitary, and secure.